In the field of Telecommunications, FOS offers a highly specialised reparation and electronic boards service for the major Telecommunications players. T&G, the group company that takes care of telco services, is a Huawei Technologies golden partner for the reparation of electronic apparatuses, other than being proud of collaborations with all the major Telecom vendors.

The company has got competences in automation engineering, design and HW maintenance of electronic boards and writing of firmware for microcontrollers.



Repair Center

For the main Telecom Players and Vendors, the Gruppo FOS supplies a service of Repair Center and Swap & Repair, thanks to its Supply Warehouse and to the access to the main warehouses in the world. The faulty borards are received at the establishment where the reparation takes place.


The Gruppo FOS has the capability to offer a simulation service of the installation of the main apparatuses of telecommunication, inside a certain network and following the client’s acceptance of the simulation, the service of commissioning on field.

T&G (Technology & Groupware) has got lots of capabilities, but the main one is problem solving for the clients in terms of studies of factuality, design and Test Bench realisation dedicated to the repair and test of any kind of telecommunication and not only.

Turnaround Time

Mean delivery time for repaired devices, happens in an interval correspondent to:

  • 20 days of calendar for the parts without BGA (Ball Grid Array).
  • 25/30 days of calendar for the parts with BGA (Ball Grid Array).




Via Milano, 166 N/r

16126 Genova (Italy)

Tel. +39 010 8906000


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