The Engineering area is focused on the development, prototyping, testing and engineering of innovative and technologically advanced solutions in different fields of application, like agriculture, environment, health, energy and industry, with the goal of providing innovative solutions to the client companies in their reference markets.


The Gruppo FOS boasts important experiences in the development of smart sensors and wireless networks for data collection, in design and 3D printing for tests and prototypes, in the design and realisation of monitoring systems in the environmental and medical field, of electronic control systems for naval motors and industrial automation panels, in the development of embedded systems and IoT solutions for the 4.0 industry.

The Research and Development activities of the FOS Group mainly take place through solid and continuous collaboration with Enti di Ricerca (Research Organisations).The reference model of the group is that of activating Joint Laboratories and/or collaboration agreements with reference Organisations in a territory where there is a company seat for the development of technology capabilities through the market.
Currently the Gruppo FOS has collaborations on the territories of Genova, Portici (NA), Bolzano, Enna and Kaunas (Lithuania).

In the engineering field, currently, the FOS Group acts on five different macro-sectors: AgroEnvironmenHealthEnergy and Industry




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